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Chi Town Riviera

Last Friday, I left work early to hit up Stella Artois' Summer Fridays. They're hosting a few more of these during the rest of August and around the U.S., so you should definitely grab tickets while you can.

Located outside of Chicago's historical landmark, The Merchandise Mart, this mini block party delivers yacht club vibes along the river and on land. Waitresses in nautical attire and neon red lips zipped through with food and cocktails for a full hour of service and swag.

Drink options included the original Stella Artois, Stella Artois Cidre, and two cocktails using the Stella Artois Spritzer. I went with the OG - the sun was shining and it was the perfect beer to kick off the weekend.

Their food options were beyond solid for the time allotted – raspberry sorbet, truffle popcorn, fresh baked bread with olives and popsicles by

Pretty Cool Ice Cream

.I am personally all in for all things cold/sweet/carb loaded on a hot summer day, or any day really. All of it made for a perfect lunch.

This mini block party is entirely deserving of the Chi Town Riviera name and #SummerLikeVacation hashtag. I was able to get my hands on a new pair of shades, a beach towel and the infamous Stella Red Cup.

Drinks and food along the river surrounded by music and floral decor to no end is the idealistic picture they delivered on.

Tickets are only 6$ and include a table of 4 and an hour of service. You can get your tickets here – hurry while they last!

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